It’s Okay to Feel Bad about the Gettysburg Cyclorama Building

  The Gettysburg Cyclorama building, which housed the Paul Philippoteaux 1883 cyclorama...

24th Aug
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The Americanist Independent September Issue Has Hit the Web

Do you want to know more about the Atomic Energy Commission in...

22nd Aug
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I came across this video yesterday while perusing the Internet for engaging...

14th Aug
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Southern Accents

This week The Economist features a short piece concerning southern accents: “Mind...

12th Aug

What’s Coming in September for the Americanist Independent…

You all know by now that the August Issue – aka the...

03rd Aug
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The Lee v. Grant Twitter Experiment

From time to time, as you all by now surely know, I...

01st Aug
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John Steinbeck and the Nineteenth Century

I adore John Steinbeck. I really do. His words, his works, they...

31st Jul
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The Guns of the South by Harry Turtledove

Need a distraction from reality? Troubled by things that actually took place?...

28th Jul
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What You Might Find Inside a Used Book

  This is the inscription on the frontpiece of my personal copy...

25th Jul
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