Harper’s Weekly and the Bloody Shirt

It doesn’t appear that the folks at Harper’s Weekly were in any...

18th Apr
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Standing alongside Lincoln’s death bed Edwin M. Stanton lamented: “There lies the...

15th Apr
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Rachel Jackson – Insulted to Death?

I am working on an episode of Office Hours Shorts for this...

13th Apr
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The Brothers’ War – Some Scholarly Origins

I spend a great deal of time talking about reconciliation and the...

12th Apr
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Appomattox Day

Appomattox Day, in case you’re wondering…was yesterday, April 9th, 2014. Not many...

10th Apr
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More on Contingency – Ed Ayers’s In the Presence of Mine Enemies

Continuing on with a recent post discussing (in part) contingency and the...

09th Apr
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The Geezer of Gettysburg

For the last few months I have developed something of an obsession...

08th Apr
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Elmer E. Ellsworth – an Unfortunate Civil War First

Who has the unfortunate distinction of being the first officer killed in...

04th Apr
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Do We Really Need Another Book About Gettysburg?

Well, I didn’t think so but they keep a comin’ anyway. And...

02nd Apr
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