…it’s best just to post a picture of a Marine with a...

19th Oct
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How Not to Use Twitter

Or rather…how to use Twitter poorly. This post will initiate a series...

08th Oct
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Speaking Engagement in Pasadena – October 28th

Greetings to my Southern California friends – I will be speaking to...

07th Oct
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What to do at a Civil War Battlefield

Most people (read: tourists) tend to stay on the marked paths, follow...

06th Oct
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The Thomas Dixon Studios – Hollywood

I have just recently learned that novelist, minister, lecturer, and all-around swell...

04th Oct
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Well, I learned from reading Kevin Levin’s blog this morning that the...

02nd Oct
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Citizenship in a Republic

I’m not generally one to moon over motivational quotes, uplifting “you can...

01st Oct
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The NAACP and The Birth of a Nation

There’s an old adage in Hollywood that claims there is no such...

25th Sep
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The Americanist Independent Volume One, Issue Four

I am pleased to announce the publication of The Americanist Independent Volume...

24th Sep
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