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The Americanist Independent – Volume One, Issue One


Hello all – well, at long last, my on-line journal, The Americanist Independent: A Monthly Journal of United States History is go for launch. If I do say so myself I am extremely proud of the first issue. Naturally, I want you to subscribe – and become a charter member. Get in early, so to speak, and be one of the cool kids.

Since I am sure you want to know…the first issue includes an engaging study by Damian Shiels on the use of technology and visualizing Irish soldiers in the American Civil War.

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In addition, Keith McCall offers a fantastic look at the development of slavery databases using 20th century slave narratives.

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Samantha Upton boldly takes on Drew Gilpin Faust in her study of the elite white women of Boydton, Virginia during the Reconstruction Era.








And finally, Damien Drago discusses his innovative approach to teaching history and engaging fourth and fifth graders by using music in the classroom.

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I think you will really enjoy this on-line experience. Please note that I will be adding new features (including a video series) all the time, so check back frequently. And keep in mind – The Americanist Independent is entirely interactive. There is a forum and a comments section where you can leave your two cents. Let me just say in advance: welcome and thank you for subscribing.

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Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 4.28.52 PMThere are only a few short weeks before I premiere the very first issue of the journal I have been talking about for some time now. Slated for the first issue – some outstanding research by scholars the likes of Damian Shiels, Samantha Upton, and Keith D. McCall, plus some fresh ideas on teaching history by Damien Drago.

Let’s just say I am excited – and there is more on deck for the next several months. I am very pleased by the response to the call for papers…remember, this is ongoing so let’s talk. I am happy to consider any topic from any subfield of US History.

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