Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 8.54.36 AMWell, I learned from reading Kevin Levin’s blog this morning that the good people of South Carolina may no longer have the Rebel battle flag represented among the national and state colors flying over their statehouse. Now if you have been following the flagger/flaggie/flagist news you will most likely note that this will be quite the blow to the “heritage” crowd.

I for one am glad to see it go. If only because it offends a significant portion of the Palmetto State’s population and thus should not be included in a public setting. Your thoughts are welcome.

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2 thoughts on “Flag THIS”

  1. The CBF only stood for one thing from 1861-65..The preservation and expansion of slavery in the south. It does not belong on display on public property. Or the travesty of it being a part of the Mississippi state flag. As to Confederate monuments on public property, Kevin Levin had an excellent article from back in March 2009.


    I’ve seen the statues on Monument Ave. and they are impressive. I understand what they represent and why they are there. Would also hate to see them removed. Not so disturbing would be for every Nathan Bedford Forrest school to be renamed ! 😉

    1. Thanks for the comment Roger. I am in total agreement with you – and I especially argue with the naysayers who claim the flag only represents the so-called “soldiers’ fight.” While today people use that symbol to denote any number of things, it is impossible to separate it from its past.

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