Moronic Party Politicking


Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 7.45.27 AMFor my latest installment on how not to be a moron during the next election season I offer you this painfully misleading political meme. Yes, Democrats did indeed write, promote, and enforce Jim Crow laws in the segregated South during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. One thing that this meme does not mention, however, is that during this particular period the Democratic Party was – hang on boys and girls – the conservative party. Conservatives during this period were quite adamant about keeping black folks in their “place” after the Republican Party (quite progressively, if you ask me) passed a few Constitutional amendments guaranteeing black people basic citizenship rights. In fact, conservatives did everything they could in the post Civil War decades to insure that free blacks were reduced to slavery in all but name. I’ll put things simply if you are not following along: Democratic Party in the nineteenth century = conservative party. Well, that sort of changes things doesn’t it?

For those of you party politickers (on either side) who think you have stumbled on to something clever and can’t wait to embarrass the living hell out of the opposition…I counsel you to think first about context and to consider that history is quite dynamic. Extracting some bit of information from the past and applying it to a twenty-first century situation is well…ahistorical. (and not that clever at all).

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5 thoughts on “Moronic Party Politicking”

  1. You still completely dumb it down just as much as the original meme by just simply breaking everything into 2 sides and saying 19th century democratic party = conservative party…..there’s a bit more than that….

    Conservative and Liberal have different agendas, ideas and leadership in any given period like that.

      1. Actually, the meme is accurate – it is just misleading and waaaaaaaaaaay out of context. The complete idiot who came up with it seems to think that political parties are not dynamic and that platforms from the 19th century remain the same today.

    1. How am I dumbing this down? Were the Democrats not a conservative party during the period in question? Everything I have read in the historical record tells me that they were. The record also tells me that political conservatives wrote and supported Jim Crow laws. If I am wrong here please provide evidence that will change my mind. And if I am not mistaken conservatives continued to support segregation well into the twentieth century – often with violence. I understand that these days many conservatives do not like to be associated with idiots who come up with misleading memes – nor do they like being reminded of their not so pleasant track record. They might try getting their history right, however.

  2. Still, IMHO the Republicans (no matter their antecedents) are reintroducing Jim Crow laws, implementing voter suppression in the guise of preventing non-existent fraud.

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