Sometimes When You Look for Andy Gibb You Find Abraham Lincoln

Screen shot 2014-02-22 at 9.45.33 AMRecently my wife and  I were at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles looking for Andy Gibb’s grave. (I’m a fan…don’t judge) when we stumbled across a statue and series of mosaics depicting the life and presidency of Abraham Lincoln. This took me a bit by surprise primarily because I have lived in this city for most of my life and I had no idea that these existed.

Generally speaking, I would say that these are highly romanticized images of Lincoln in deep meditation or prayer, Lincoln the self-educated, Lincoln the great emancipator, and Lincoln doing presidential stuff like being inaugurated and giving addresses.

I am interested in what you think. We do not get a lot of Lincoln out here on the West Coast…so what are your thoughts on our spin?




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With compliments,Screen shot 2014-02-22 at 9.58.39 AM


By the way…we payed our respects to Mr. Gibb as well.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes When You Look for Andy Gibb You Find Abraham Lincoln”

  1. The first painting reminds me of the Thomas Ball sculpture Emancipation Memorial. Agree that all of them are highly romanticized. Love the one with Taney (exchanging icy glares…Lincoln looks like he wants to slap him with that raised hand *perhaps for the lousy Dred Scott ruling a few years back). The Lincoln kneeling in prayer image is a bit ridiculous…very Washington at Valley Forge…but in the end, a cool find…and no judgement about Andy Gibb…well, maybe a little. Hope you are well, Keith.

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