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Teach WWI

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Hi all…in the spirit of sharing cool things that I find when browsing through the Interwebs, I direct your attention to these teaching resources offered by the World War One Centennial Commission. Included are lesson plans and various other resources that will help illuminate the many facets of this conflict in the classroom. Dang, there are even video games. Now isn’t that clever.

You can find out more about what resources are available HERE.

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The Spring Issue of The Americanist Independent

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 10.23.57 AMGreetings all!

The Spring issue of The Americanist Independent, at long last, is live on the Internet. And yes, that’s LBJ on the cover – all smiles. This issue features studies on the early career of LBJ, by Jena Fuller; Civil War era coal mining, by Jake Wynn; and Germans in Milwaukee during WWI, by Kevin Kolesari.

Subscriptions are, and always will be, FREE. Click HERE to subscribe or log on and enjoy the Spring issue!

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PS – this issue wraps up volume one. Stay tuned for a year in reflection post.




The Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert



You have all by now surely seen the British grocery chain Sainsbury’s exceedingly well-done Christmas advert depicting the famous 1914 Christmas truce and football match – where German and British soldiers put aside their weapons and come out of their trenches for a brief moment of camaraderie.  As one who writes about soldiers,  memory, and reconciliation I found this commercial very interesting. Understanding that Christmas is for sharing, these men show no spirit of enmity. Rather, they enjoy a celebration of humanity and selflessness in the midst of chaos while recognizing, as the ad implies (with the distant sound of artillery), that they will soon have to return to hostilities.

What are your thoughts?

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The Americanist Independent