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The Americanist Independent is a multi-media web-based monthly journal of American History created and edited by yours truly. The journal features work from independent scholars focusing on various aspects of American History: original research, technological and methodological innovations, and new approaches to teaching history. Beginning July 1st, 2014, and for a limited time, you can access all the The Americanist Independent has to offer for the Charter Subscription price of $4.97 per month. That’s less that a burger and fries, folks – and sooo much better for you.

Do you need to subscribe before the price goes up? (It will, you know…) Click below and follow the instructions. You’ll get your log in info right away.


Are you already a Charter Member? Great – log in and enjoy


I would also encourage those who wish to to be on the cutting edge of historical publication to submit their original work to:

There is no deadline. Submissions are collected each month for consideration for upcoming issues.

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