The Great Lee/Grant Debate

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 9.26.28 AMOh if only Grant and Lee could once again meet face to face to debate the great issues of the Civil War…a “what if” that even I will ponder. And wouldn’t it be great if they could meet on a bizarrely conceived 1970s game show called “Risk Your Reputation” where they could both engage in surreal recreations complete with a cheese ball host and leotard-clad narrators? That sure would be fantastic…


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8 thoughts on “The Great Lee/Grant Debate”

    1. I know, right? I found it on this website. I use it all the time to find public domain film clips for my Office Hours videos. There is some really random stuff there.

        1. I have no idea – it was a pretty random find. I am however, going to look into it and see if I can find out more about the program.

  1. You’ve got to be kidding. There NEVER was a Lost Cause. There was a lost population who based their life style on the pain of other peoples tortured life.
    As far the legality of session from the Union. There was not an amendment to the Constitution about session. However, sometimes there is a high purpose to fight and die for. Witness the death camps in WWII. No different then the slave culture in the South. By the way, my great-grandfather’s name was Jefferson Davis, he lived in Salisbury, MD.
    If the southern society had a viable way of life without slaves, it would have returned like a Phoenix after the Civil War. But, unfortunately, the South keeps looking back with an attitude of “poor us, look what you did to us, we had this perfect way of life and the North ruined it”.
    What people need to do is look at what there is there and say, okay this is what we’ve been though in the past, but now these are our strengths. This is what we work with to rebuild. Look at Germany, Japan, and the South is still crying “poor me”.

    1. Thanks for the comment Lisa. I actually disagree with you here in regard to the comparison you make between Nazi death camps and southern slave culture. The two are really not alike at all. And i do not think that in either case the soldiers’ fight was for either particular cause. And as far as the what if – a “viable way of life without slaves…” well, without slavery I cannot imagine a Civil War at all, so that is sort of a moot point. All in all I believe you are conflating a number of issues retrospectively – but I appreciate your contribution here and will happily continue the conversation.

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