Episode #4 The Non-Aligned World with Robert Rakove

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Joining me today is Robert Rakove, author of Kennedy, Johnson, and the Non-Aligned World

This episode is pretty much the straight dope on the Kennedy and Johnson administrations and their approach to those places in the world that did not choose sides in the Cold War.

And not for nothing...I throw Rob a couple of surprise questions...which he handles with unmatched skill!

We discuss:

  • What it means when we say "non-aligned"

  • The Eisenhower administration and the spread of communism

  • How Kennedy and his successor, Johnson changed course

  • The repercussions of their approach

Rob has some great advice for students of history, and makes a book rec that I think we all should jump on - Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age by Kevin Boyle

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