Episode #10 Teaching with Passion with Amy Rebecca Jacobs

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Sup. If you are in the midst of earning an advanced degree in the humanities and are scared shitless because the job market has plummeted  at least twelve notches below abysmal...you should listen to this. Amy and I went to grad school together - and as we approached career prospects in different ways, we both landed at private secondary schools...yes, we are high school history teachers. And so I thought I would ask her on the show to bat around some ideas of how we wound up where we did.

Amy offers a lot of insight into how this path might be a plan A for those in Ph.D. programs. Her passion for what she does here really shows through. There is quite a lot to be said for fulfillment and happiness when it comes to what we do. Listen up - you might get some ideas.

We discuss:

  • Alternate career paths for history Ph.Ds

  • The unique experiences teaching in secondary education/ private schools

  • The inherent values associated with these positions

  • Happiness, fulfillment, and making a difference (yes, it happens)

Amy has a lot of great advice for students, notes the importance of films such as Twelve Years a Slave and recommends what will surely be a fascinating read (it's on my list): Vermeer's Hat: The Seventeenth Century and the Dawn of the Global World by Timothy Brook. You can find Amy on Instagram doing the Insta thing - so stop over and say hi.

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