Episode #17 Old Timey Casting with Guy W. Gane

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You all know that I love fashion...I talk about it all the time on my various other social outlets (sometimes I even post a pic!). This is why I am happy to have Guy on the show. We have the love for fashion in common...and he also really digs historical style, both military and civilian...so much so that he has created a company that specializes in casting for television and film period pieces. His credits include everything from The Field of Lost Shoes to House of Cards. Cool right - listen up to find out how this whole thing works. We discuss:

  • How Guy casts historical films and television shows

  • Some of his past work and what he has in production right now

  • Recreating authentic looks

  • Clothing research methodology

  • Military and civilian style over the centuries

  • Social media and how it enriches historical research

Guy has a number of Instagram accounts that he curates, which you can find HERE, HERE, and HERE. He is also on Facebook and if you really want to check out his work, visit the Old Time Casting web page.  One of my favorite parts of this show is the rapid fire segment, because we talk about The Godfather and one of our favorite books, Landscape Turned Red: The Battle of Antietam by Stephen W. Sears. Trust me - this one is worth the time spent reading. And if you would rather listen to you book - you'll want to check out my sponsor Audible for a FREE 30 day trial featuring tons of great audio books for your iPhone or whatever.

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