Episode #18 Lady Balls Radio featuring Team Rad

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I lifted this straight from my wife's podcast - Lady Balls Radio. She has a knack for finding (and interviewing) women who are doing really cool things. And on this episode, she speaks with Team RAD - a trio of women who are currently making a series called Soiled Doves, a story of three women in the 1880s American West. This episode not only gets into how these women came together to make the series, but also their efforts to challenge the gender stereotypes of the Old West.  You can get the story HERE.

The stars of Soiled Doves, Darby, Becca, and Verity think you would be pretty smart if you read Wild Women of the Wild West by Jonah Winter. You'll learn something and be a real hit at parties when you impart your newfound knowledge.

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Watch the TEASER....It's fantastic

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