Episode #39 This Week in History Twitter May 4, 2019

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My fellow Twitterers - in a valiant effort to find some sort of purposeful and productive use for my Twitter addiction, I present….This Week in History Twitter. Every 7-ish days I am going to highlight a salient Twitter thread or two to offer commentary or further insight - with the goal of keeping the conversation going.

An important note: I unequivocally reject the Twitter mobocracy and call-out culture. If I mention someone by name it is because they - in some way - publicly initiated or contributed to an intriguing historical inquiry or debate on Twitter - for better or worse. I am not interested in ad hominem attacks, shaming, doxing, ideologue rage, or in any way harassing people on the Internet. I am interested in ideas and discussion...left, right, and center. That is it. Further, I am highly suspect of those who use history to promote a political agenda. It goes against everything I believe as a historian and an educator. I believe in objectivity and evidence. Thank you for understanding.

So with all of that in mind…. please listen to the first installment of This Week in History Twitter…Robert E. Lee takes a beating and a historian calls for a new Civil War documentary.

For reference…

Matt Walsh’s original Tweet ranking Civil War generals.

Drew Bledsoe’s response and thread.

Kevin Kruse’s Tweet on Lee’s (lack of) competence.

Kevin Levin’s contextual analysis.

Al Mackey’s blog post on Lee’s competence.

Keri Leigh Merritt’s article on Smithsonian.com

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