Episode #46 This Week in History Twitter - June 12, 2019

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The big take away this week…journalists are getting sloppy with history (kind of a disconcerting trend, you might say). Yes NPR. I’m looking right at you. Anyway, as you all probably know, Cokie Roberts blew it wholesale and received a C- from me for research skills when she claimed that 19th century newspapers did not advertise for abortions.

Here’s the original NPR Morning Edition post

Historian Lauren McIvor Thompson responded with a detailed thread explaining why Roberts should have consulted a historian first…as her claims were patently false.

NPR noted the mistake but failed (in my estimation) to learn the lesson. Just this morning they posted an article on NPR.org claiming that CEOs were only just now beginning to take political stands beyond their immediate business interests. Of course, this is absolutely incorrect. Henry Ford’s anti-Semitic propaganda campaign immediately comes to mind. But have a look at this thread for some other responses. It seems that the #askahistorian hashtag is going to get a lot more action soon if NPR doesn’t try just a little bit harder.

In more reassuring news, Netflix Films commended the filmmakers who consult historians and and the films that reflect historical expertise. This thread will point out some of the highlights…maybe all hope is not lost. Now if NPR could just get Netflix on the phone…

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