What's New with Henry A. Allen

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So thanks to all who have been keeping up with The Civil War Letters of Henry A. Allen podcast. I think this is a fantastic way to share primary resources with the public, and the show is doing very well indeed (huzzah!). I just scheduled the next five in the series for release this week...the letters Allen wrote between March 29 and May 5, 1864. In them, he expresses a great deal of sympathy after learning of the deaths of so many at home in Portsmouth, thinks about exchange but really hopes for a twenty-day furlough, and scolds Sarah for failing to send pictures of his family. 

Interestingly, for the first time Allen hints that others might be taking the loyalty oath and returning home...he lets his nationalism show through, and acknowledges Sarah's sentiments as well. As he says, he would sooner die. 

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