Episode #31 The Soul Food Scholar with Adrian E. Miller

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Soul Food. Southern Food. American Food. Adrian describes a cuisine...that in many ways gets to the heart of American-ness. Adrian, the author of Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time and The President's Kitchen Cabinet: The Story of African Americans Who Have Red Our First Families from the Washingtons to the Obamas describes his big shift from the legal and political world to his life and travels as the Soul Food Scholar...as such, we discuss: 

  • The definition of Soul Food and its reputation as an unhealthy cuisine

  • Foodways or...how food and culture intersect

  • The methodology behind the writing

  • First Families and their food choices public and private

  • African American chefs and the broader implications of working in the White House

Adrian suggests we all read The Jemima Code: Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks by Toni Tipton-Martin - so of course, you need to get that in your library sine mora. And, you can find and follow Adrian on the web at The Soul Food Scholar and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram  


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Keith Harris