Searching for A. B. R. Sprague

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I posted a Henry A. Allen podcast episode last night that detailed Sarah Allen's decision to sign a loyalty oath. Curiosity got the better of me, as it tends to do, and I got to wondering about the provost marshal who signed the document - one A. B. R. Sprague. 

Augustus B. R. Sprague was actually pretty easy to find through the usual Internet inquiries. Yup, he wound up on garrison duty in Portsmouth, Virginia beginning in January, 1864 serving as the Lieutenant Colonel of the 2nd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery...after having served with both the 25th and 51st MA Infantry Regiments earlier in the war. He mustered out in September, 1865 and went on to a career in politics and was elected mayor of Worcester, Massachusetts in 1896. 

But my interest in this stately gentleman really stems from his veteran activities. He was a member of both the Grand Army of the Republic and the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. So...gotta go search those records and see where he makes an appearance. I love rabbit holes, y'all. More to come. And hey - you there...I know you are interested in Civil War prisoner of war stories - so check out the podcast

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