The Greatest Beard of All

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Last week or so ago, I set up a little Instagram contest thing about Civil War beards. It was simple enough…I wanted to know who had the best. Now, if you think is something of a pedestrian framework with which to engage Civil War history, I’ll note that I have had this conversation with some of the most prominent scholars in the field…and the debates were (nearly) as heated as any other.

The individual who had the most valid argument was promised a shout out on this very website…and so ladies and gentlemen, the winner is: American Civil War IG. Huzzah!!! Their description of Lafayette McClaws and his chin whiskers thicker than the tress in The Wilderness was good enough for me.

Other contenders included: Ambrose Burnside (of course), Alpheus Williams (my own humble entry) JEB Stuart, James Longstreet, John Gibbon, John Reynolds and a host of other fabulously be-whiskered warriors.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 9.26.54 AM.png

I suppose it would be fitting and proper to field any dissenting votes here. So - if you think you’ve got the winner beat - let me know! In the meantime, be sure and give them a follow!

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