What's New for the Henry A. Allen Letters...

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So what I originally conceived of as a simple reading of some letters in podcast form has grown like crazy. It seemed that a recitation of a historical actor’s words without context didn’t really do it for me - so now…I am offering commentary and annotations on each letter. That’s right. I am tracking down the people, places, and things that Allen mentions in his letters to broaden the context and perhaps help us understand the war on a deeper level. What I find particularly unique here in the world of edited collections of Civil War letters (there are tons available) is that since this is a digital project, I can add new information when it becomes available, provide recommended reading lists that include the latest studies as they are published, and revise when necessary.

So in essence I have created an evolving study on a set of Civil War letters…here are the first two: August 4, 1863 and August 11, 1863. I hope you enjoy…and please comment with thoughts of your own!

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PS - special shout out to Zac Cowsert on Twitter for hooking me up with a scanned roster of the 9th…all 59 pages! See…Twitter can be helpful.