Another Local Civil War Veteran

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I know it isn’t such a big deal to find a Civil War veteran in a local cemetery in some parts of the country - but it is something of a novelty here in Hollywood. I spend a lot of time poking around at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, which is down the street from my house…always on the lookout for a prominent citizen. The other day I found the Good Reverend Thomas R. Satterfield, who served as chaplain in the 95th Illinois Volunteer Regiment. I do not know much about him other than he resigned his commission in 1864. I also know that his regiment included men from Boone and McHenry Counties and that they saw action in the western theatre of the war. Of note, the 95th participated in the Vicksburg and Atlanta campaigns.

Now let the digging begin…off to find out more about Satterfield. I wonder what brought him to Los Angeles…

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