Book Review Hit List September and October 2019


Hey crew - I’ve got a busy couple of months ahead…what with school really getting going, revisions for an essay I am publishing in a volume edited by Gary Gallagher and Stephen Cushman for UNC Press, and The Rogue Historian podcast…which is really picking up some steam! Add to the list a series of book reviews - featuring a wide variety of topics (not just Civil War hehehe). Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for reviews on the following:

Longstreet at Gettysburg by Cory M. Pfarr (McFarland Press, 2019)

How to be AntiRacist by Ibram X. Kendi (One World, 2019)

Veteran Americans (for JAH) by Benjamin Cooper (University of Massachusetts Press, 2018)

Lee is Trapped and Must be Taken by Thomas J. Ryan and Richard R. Schaus (Savas Beatie, 2019)

Spying on the South by Tony Horwitz (Penguin Press, 2019)

Admiral Albert Hastings Markham by Frank Jastrzembski (Pen and Sword Maritime, 2019)

Th Battle of Negro Fort by Matthew J. Clavin (NYU Press, 2019) – Stay tuned for author interview on The Rogue Historian podcast

Oh…and if you are really interested, yes - that is a Lawrence Welk coffee mug in the picture. It was my Grandma’s so don’t judge.

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