A Beastly Chamber Pot

The other day I jokingly mentioned on the usual social media platforms that I was in the market for a good chamber pot. It seems my bathroom is out of commission for a while so an army of plumbers and various other contractors can continue plying their avocations for the next several weeks as I slowly get a new water closet. In the meantime, I'm using my next-door neighbor's private pilates studio to take care of business. Why is this important? Well, in response to my inquiry, several of my Internet friends reminded me of the infamous "Beast Butler" chamber pots available to the loyal citizens of Civil War era New Orleans. It seems that once Union forces seized control of the city in early 1862, incensed New Orleans belles would empty their chamber pots on the heads of Union soldiers passing below their windows. The Federal commander, one Benjamin F. Butler, issued an order stating any woman caught performing such a heinous act would be treated as a woman of the town plying her avocation. Well, suggesting that chamber-pot emptying southern ladies were prostitutes was a bit much, at least to the good citizens of the Crescent City. Capitalizing on the event, enterprising entrepreneurs, seeing a need and filling it, came up with the Beast chamber pot with the general's image right smack in the bottom. Perfect for target practice.

With compliments,