Introducing the Americanist Independent Free Student Portal

graduation-capHow's this for good news? Students of American history now can get limited access to the Americanist Independent website for FREE. That's right friends, gratis. No charge. Nada. I have developed a section of the site especially for students that will feature downloadable PDFs focusing on some of the most pressing issues and debates in United States history AND hold on...there will also be PDFs with suggested readings on various topics written by scholars in subfields of US history. If that is not enough, student members will have access to the AI forum. Do you have a question? Now's your chance to engage with world-class experts in the field. Fire away. All you need to do is click HERE to sign on.

You're welcome.


PS - naturally, those who subscribe to the Americanist Independent Journal  as a charter member have access to the Student Portal already. You're good to go.