Los Angeles in 1912

I came across the coolest film clip ever yesterday when I was making the rounds on Facebook - this one from my friends at SoCal Historic Architecture. Head over and follow them if you are a fan of LA history. The clip in question features a few views around Los Angeles in 1912. Quite clearly, some things have not changed a bit: traffic is still terrible, pedestrians still wander out into the middle of the street, and bicyclists still disregard all rules of the road to their own peril.  But some things have changed. For example, we no longer have an alligator farm, and as far as I know, ostriches are in short supply - at least within the city limits. As far a public transportation - the 1912 version was first-rate...today we are slowly reclaiming some of that nascent efficiency. At any rate, I am certain my Angeleno friends will enjoy this film clip as will anyone who has an interest in early-twentieth century urban history.

With compliments, Keith