More Californians in the Civil War

300px-2dMass3I was recently discussing the "California" Regiment at Gettysburg (aka the 71st Pa.) and my friends at Andersonville National Historic Site alerted me to a number of California calvarymen buried in the soldiers' cemetery there. The California troopers in question were part of several companies of the 2nd Massachusetts Cavalry. Naturally this has got me to thinking: how did several companies of Californians wind up fighting with the Massachusetts cavalry? Did those who survived return home to the Golden State? Where did they wind up and what did they do? What were their reflections on the war and nationalism? I guess I have some digging to do. If anyone has any leads...well, I am all ears.

Thanks much to Chris Barr and Eric Leonard - they clued me in here. And if you want to learn more about Civil War era prisons, be sure to follow Andersonville NHS on Twitter.

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