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Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.12.39 AMGreetings friends! Of course I have been up to all sorts of things so far this summer. As some of you already know, I have taken a position at a private prep-school here in LA...teaching US history, a sort of hybrid Western Civ course, and an honors course in Civil War and Reconstruction history. So I am stoked. But...I am not leaving the digital world. Not by a long shot. Office Hours, my free student resource geared to helping students with some of the more pressing questions, is still going strong - here's the latest, on the 1963 Birmingham Campaign. Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 2.37.06 PMI am also very excited about my US History podcast (you'll get the name of it soon enough...), where I will talk with experts in US History, American Studies, and other areas of Americana. The launch date is September 1 and my first guests will include, Kevin Levin, Megan Kate Nelson, Robert Rakove, Julian Hayter, Christian McWirther, Heath Hardage Lee, and Robin Foster. Don't be surprised if our conversations tend to kick up a fuss...I mean, those of you who know me should expect nothing less.

Lot's going on, yes? Stay tuned and be sure to fill out the form when prompted to get notified just as soon as things get rolling!

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