The Americanist Independent - August Issue!

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 7.22.59 PMIt has hit the web! This month, there is something of an "in the aftermath of Civil War" theme going on - I will work in the thematic approach from time to time when things seem to align just so. This is one such issue. So if you are interested (even a little) in America's greatest conflict - this issue is for you. Our feature articles:

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Independent historian Heath Hardage Lee discusses her work on Winnie Davis, youngest child of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and famed "Daughter of the Confederacy." She discusses her significance on terms of the Lost Cause interpretation of the Civil War as well as her role in the process of reconciliation.  There are some multi-media components here too including both radio and video interviews embedded into the journal.






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North Carolina State archivist Aaron Cusick walks us through the Confederate pension process and describes how these pension records are digitized and made available to the public. It's pretty fascinating stuff - and it underscores how useful the records are to historians and genealogists alike.






There are two new features in this month's issue. First, the Conference Review section. For August, participants Evan Clapsaddle, Al Mackey, Ray Ortensie, and Marilyn Jess review their experiences at the Civil War Institute Conference at Gettysburg College. Hint: all four liked it. Second, I've including something I call "Harristorian Archives," where I take a look at the significance of a historical document or old book in my private library. This month I look at the images included in: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Fiftieth Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg: Report of the Pennsylvania Commission (Harrisburg: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, c1913). These images are key to understanding the "Southern Terms" argument concerning reconciliation.

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