The Americanist Independent is Once Again Up and Running

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 7.50.42 AMFriends, there is some good news here and some better news. The good news is that The Americanist Independent website is out of beta and now live for your reading pleasure. Yes indeed, you can once again read up on all the cutting edge scholarship, innovative teaching, and the arts in American History. Yay. Here's the better news: now it's completely FREE. As a public historian I think it is best that this work is available to the entire public - open access. Not only is site access entirely gratis, but it looks better and runs much more smoothly than the beta version. As of November 9, 2014, much of the site is still under construction but all AI issues are available. You will still need to set up a profile (to keep out the spammers) only now there is no charge.  It's FRREEEEEE (huzzah).

Sign on HERE.

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