They Can't All Be Bad

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 7.09.28 AMAlas, we have reached that time of the year when many in the teaching profession will vent their frustrations on the usual social media platforms - they will note how much they hate grading, how stupid their students are, and how they can't wait for the term to be over. Of course, I understand that things can get a little hectic around now, but without naming names, I ask: what did you think you were getting into when you signed on to be a teacher? With that question in mind I would like to take a moment and congratulate my many students who did exceptional work this year, who wrote insightful essays and asked probing questions, who worked beyond what was required of them because they thought they might just learn something.

Well done my young friends. It has been a pleasure being your teacher.

With compliments,


PS - have a bitchen' summer and I'll see ya next year!