Ticket Coolness

I wonder what the black market price was for these babies. I mean...can you imagine the DC Craig's List action...had it existed in 1868? I am posting these tickets because they just look cool - and I wish I had one. Maybe one day I can add a legit impeachment ticket to my collection.  At any rate, I have been asking on the usual social media platforms how people would have voted in Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial if they had been in the position to do so. And the majority have gone with the historical verdict - acquittal!

If you really stop to think it over, it's the only way to go. I mean, sure - Andrew Johnson was a real asshat. But he did not break any laws...any real laws that is. That whole Tenure of Office Act thing was a sham. Still - I feel the radicals' pain on this one, I really do.

With compliments,