August 2, 1864

Fort Delaware August 2nd 64 


Dear Dear Sarah


I received your letter dated the 27th last night in which you say mine of 19th had been received. I also received one dated 25th which I have answered. I am glad to know you and the dear children are well I am now the best of health. In my last to you I stated that you must tell some of my friends to send me a few stamps as they are getting to be a scarce article in this place and one half of us even if we have money cannot buy them as the Sutler will not trouble himself to get them only bringing in quite a small supply so you must tell all that write to me they must drop in a stamp or two as it will help me considerable. I think I stated in my last to you that Mary G. had sent me a hat, some tobacco, & soap. As you say she has indeed been kind to me. I did think of sending to Bowers for stamps but on second thought will not do so as he would hardly do it. I have often thought if he has forgotten who buried his poor mother when the yellow fever was there in 55 and he dutiful son had left the place. If you should see Geo Smith tell him to send them. Gus has sent me some since being here and I will not trouble him again. Give my love to all relatives & friends. Kiss my little darlings for me tell them Pa looks at their pretty little faces very often. Good bye Dear Sarah and believe me ever your  Henry

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