August 20, 1863

Johnsons Island Sandusky Ohio

August 20th 1863


Dear Sarah,

Yours of the 15th I received this morning in it you stated you have received mine of the 11th. I have written three or four letters to you since I have been at this place I am glad to hear George Bain (1) received my letter as he requested me to write on the receipt of the check for the money. I have thirteen (13) dollars left, money does not last long here as we have to share it with the party of twelve, only two of us having money. I have bought some little clothing shirts, socks, shoes, & hat, we can only buy enough to have a change of underclothing. I intend buying two undershirts as I have none here. we have orders here stating the amount of clothing allowed. I do not wish you to send me any as I can make out very well. I shall write a letter to Bower, (2) to day to send of with yours, you can get it from Mr Bain, as I will put it in his care. I was sorry to hear Ida had been sick poor child she is sick often. I am afraid you keep her too close, you spoke of Charlie, and also mentioned (unclear) I do not know who you have reference to. it is not worth while to bother with Mr Corssen (3) he will hardly pay it and it may be that Shell had collected it. if you think there is any chance however let me know when you write dear Sarah or often as you can as it is a source of great pleasure to hear from you. I am quite well my love to Ma, Aunt May, to all home, and all inquiring friends, goodbye from your 

Affectionate Husband Capt. Henry A. Allen

again tell Ida I am having a ring made for her with her name in it and will send it when you write

  1. See letter dated August 4, 1863

  2. See letter dated August 4, 1863

  3. Allen may be referring to James Crossen, who is listed in the United States Marine Corps musters rolls from 1840 (enlisted and discharged in the same year - for reasons unknown), and who was a resident of Gosport, Virginia - what is now Norfolk.

Norfolk, from Gosport

Norfolk, from Gosport

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