December 5, 1863

Johnsons Island Sandusky Ohio

Dec 5th 1863

Dear Sarah,

I have just received yours of the 1st and it afforded me much pleasure to hear from you all. I still continue to improve and hope soon to be in good health. I do not need the shawl you spoke of as I have plenty of bed clothing. a few days ago it was rumored that no more clothing would be allowed to be received here and I wrote you a few lines telling you to send the box and I would run the risk, this was after my first letter to you telling you to send them, I find now that clothing will be allowed to come. I need not state again what to send, about the pictures, I do not wish you to put yourself to any trouble about them if it is not convenient. although I musn’t blame you for not sending them twelve months ago  if you can send the box put in a little smoking tobacco if you can get it I have written one or two letters to young G. Bain but have not heard from him he might have it and would send it. what is Joe Lennon doing keeping store you spoke in your last about having money due you rather than have you take in work for the sake of sending it to me in any form. I will go without clothes, Pictures, and everything. kiss my little darlings for me my love to you Ma, and all homeYours Henry

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