March 1, 1864

Point Lookout, Md.
Mch 1st 1864

Dear Dear Sallie
I have just received you letter written to the Island dated Feb 10th the day after I left that place. it is the one with my darling little girls hair in it. may God in his infinite mercy bless my dear ones at home and spare us all to meet again. Lucy’s I could norm any idea of as I have not seen her since she was nine months old it is hardly as dark as I expected to see I know she must look sweet if you curl it. this reminds me of your I think you spoke in one of your letters a long time ago that your hair was coming out and you compelled to have it cut has it grown out. you state in your letter Mary will send the box tomorrow that was two days after I left, leaving on the 9th. Marion I hear has been exchanged. Mrs Allen I have not found out yet, I received A.C. Moon’s letter yesterday directed in your handwrite, in which he says mine did not reach him until Feb 6th he speaks of being wholly unable to send me the article, but will do so as soon as able. I have written to him since coming here but wish now I had not done so. I should like to get your letter with the stamps it may not come to hand. I shall write to Mary Soon, Stamps are something I need as much almost as money. I asked Bowers to send me some but have not heard from him. I must now close my love to all home, Aunt Mary, Mary Dodd and all who inquire of me kiss the little one, yours in love  
Hammond Genl Hospital
Ward No 11

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