March 19, 1864

Point Lookout Md
Saturday evening Mch 19th 64

Dear Sallie
I received to day the letter from you bearing date 4th yours of the 5th & 12th I received some time back and promptly answered them. yours of the 4th contained one dollar and fifty cts (1.50) also six stamps, always in writing give me the date of my letter you receive. I have often told you not to send money to me because I know you need it and you must also consider it would be some help to your Ma it seems you are all determined not to send those pictures which you could have done easily but it is now too late as they might share the fate of the box which I have never received I got a letter from the Island to day it may come but I expect to be away when it dies. I thought Lou Tabb (?) was at Charlotte. I suppose Mr Gaskins is now happy. tell dear little Ida Pa would like to see his little darling. Tell her to keep a good heart he may see her before a great while. three lots of officers and men have left here to be exchanged the last left on Thursday. I hope to be among the next. did Mary get my letter, give me love to all friends & relatives kiss my little darlings for me good night and may the good Lord watch over you all is the prayer of your
Ward II

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