March 29, 1864

Officers Camp Point Lookout Md
March 29th 1864

Dear Sarah
Yours bearing date 26th came to hand yesterday acknoledging the receipt of mine of the 19th. I suppose ere this you have received mine in answer to yours of the 20th which I received in the 25th. we are still in camp waiting patiently to hear from the matter of exchange no box yet and if my friend does not think it prudent to send it to me he certainly will not send it to Portsmouth if I should be so fortunate as to be exchanged I hardly think I would be allowed time to send for you as it is very likely I should have to go to the army although it would be a great pleasure to see you all but if you should leave P. you must recolect you cannot return again if you should wish to do so. all my boys here are well Brooks sent me a lot of good things the other day and another Wallace Williams sent some money. he will send me some clothes also, they have plenty; all have stopped writing me from Portsmouth but you. give my love to all home and to all who ask about me yours with much love
Officers Camp
Tent No 33

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