May 5, 1864

Officers Prison Camp, Point Lookout Md

May 5th 1864

Dear Sarah

your letter bearing the date 1st I received yesterday in which you say you had received mine of April 27th I was much pleased to hear of the kind offer made you by Mr and Mrs Dungan. Ii was indeed kind and I thank them much. I do not believe that Shell will ever do better I feel sorry for Louisa Bowers no doubt looks out for No 1 I wrote to Mary G and received her reply yesterday. she wrote me a very pretty letter telling me if I needed anything to let her know. I ans her letter to day and sent your love to her. Dear Sallie the last time you spoke about sending the pictures I told you it was the last time I should speak on that subject, but thinking over the matter I will again mention it I wish to ask you one question why did you not oblige me by having them taken you have promised repeatedly but I find that it has never been done, because you have never had it taken it is no excuse at this time. if not convenient for the children you could have sent yours. you have sent me money enough to have twenty taken and I have told you not to do so . do you suppose I would much rather have the pleasure of looking at the faces of my dear wife & children than to have money when so many chances are against my ever seeing their dear faces again God only knows whether I shall ever be allowed that pleasure again. if I thought you had been so situated that you could not have done so I would have mentioned it but sending the money proves to the contrary. but I do not wish you because I have made these remarks to trouble yourself now about the matter it is too late and I would rather be deprived of them than for you to deprive yourself at this time. do not think Dear Sarah I am angry or that I wish to censure you. far from it. but I must say when I see others around me with the faces of their loved ones to look upon that I sometimes feel a little fretted and think I might have had mine also. I received a letter from Joe the other day he say he will send the Tobacco. I am glad to learn Uncle Joe is at home. my love to all at home and to all who may ask often of me. Kiss my little darlings for me yours affectionately Henry.

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