September 29, 1863

Johnsons Island Sandusky Ohio

Sept 29th 1863

Dear Sarah,

Your last letter date 23d I received this morning. I began to think your Ma will not leave home, but for yourself & children I would fell better satisfied of you were at your Uncles, but no doubt it would be a tedious and fatiguing journey, as you say I suppose all will be governd by the lady in Richmond if your Ma remains I leave it to yourself what to do, but if you also remain and any remarkshould be made at home intended for you, go directly to your Father and bear to him my request. I also feel sorry for Leon is it possible they have anything to do with that person, such is life. is Joe Lennon on Ports. I have written to him try and let him know it. tell Mr. Dorgan I will write to him my respects to him & family. I do not want any clothing more than one or two prs socks and neck tie. I was with Capt Corker this morning and will let him know of Emma’s intention, my money has run out but I can get along very well I thought Bowers would have sent me some before this but it may be he has not the wherewith. he might have answered my letter. if I should want more clothing I can easily let you know. I have written four times to your Pa, but have never received an answer men receive letters from Richmond regularly. I am indeed paind to hear such sad news about Mrs Ordian, dear good Soul may God bless her, give my love to Mr and Mrs Green, my love to all who may inquire no doubt dear Sallie, you think my letters are cold and formal but I know others will read them before they reach you and I do not wish remarks to be made from your Affectionate Husband

Henry A Allen

I am well

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