September 9, 1863

Johnsons Island Sandusky Ohio

Sept 9th 1863

Dear Dear Sarah 

Your long lookd for letter I received to day you acknowledge the receipt of my letter dated 20th & 29th which pleased me much. you speak of passing through many trials. I have always thought you kept them from me I am indeed troubled to hear it, up to this time I have felt easy as regarded your welfare and comfort but I fear my mind will be at ease no more. I did not think your Ma intended or thought of going to Richmond to remain. I can hardly think she will be satisfied that I do not know what to advise you to do, she tells you you can go to your Uncles, well I wish you were with him, you must act as you think best if when this reaches you your Ma has not gone and you make up your mind to leave you might try to go with her to Richmond and consult your pa about going to your Uncles. you would have to go that route any how, if you remain you are the best judge and of course must judge for yourself whither you can get along there, or not. I suppose you have Confederate money and your Pa has money of mine. there is no prospect of my getting away from here for some time, tell Lucy, Pa will send her a little ring. dear Sarah, do not send money to me I can get along very well and I know you need all you can get. I am indeed sorry you all will be compelled to leave home but as I before stated it is I think best for you to go to your Pa and he might go with you to your Uncles. I would pay all expenses, give my love to all relatives & friends kiss my children for me God bless you dear Sarah and may we soon meet in the prayer of your Henry Capt Henry A Allen 9th Va infantry

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