Commemorating the Dakota War with John Legg


It might be easy to overlook the Dakota War of the conflict is greatly overshadowed by the Civil War. But John Legg, soon to embark on the journey to obtain his master's degree in history, helps us correct this connecting the war to the broader Civil War era historiography. We get deep into ideas about commemoration and reconciliation in the Minnesota River Valley - and even get down to brass tacks over naming. After all, it is the origin of all particular things :) Have a listen.

We discuss: 

  • Plans to connect Dakota was of 1862 into larger Civil War historiography

  • The challenges faced by those who set out to commemorate the violent past of the Minnesota River Valley

  • The Dakota and the limited first-hand testimony

  • The meaning of the word Sioux 

  • The conflict with the Dakota as a war or an uprising

  • The efforts – both historical and modern – to bring about reconciliation between the Dakota and white populations?  

  • Dakota efforts to commemorate the 1862 war

  • How we might integrate the history of indigenous peoples into the broader United States narrative

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