Episode #24 Historical Interpretation with John Heckman

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I've been wanting to get John "the Tattooed Historian" Heckman on the show for a while. Why? Because he and I share a number of ideas about what it means to follow our own paths...even if that means straying pretty far from the traditional historian track. 

It's quite inspiring to speak with historians of like mind...and so I particularly enjoyed this talk, especially the connection between tattoos and John Billings's Hardtack and Coffee. Yes - there is one in this episode :) 

But we get in to some deep stuff too: 

- The subtleties of historical interpretation

- Academic historians v. "buffs"

- The collection and sale of militaria

- Social media and history

And we go off on a few interesting and entertaining tangents as well...So listen closely, and be sure to follow John on all the usual suspects: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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