Is Bruce Catton Still the Civil War Gateway Drug?

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 8.19.33 PMI hear it from historians of my generation (give or take a decade or so) all the time. They were first introduced to Civil War history by a Bruce Catton book. This is certainly my story. Mine was a single volume general history of the war that my grandparents got me for Christmas when I was ten. I still have it. Catton's genius for narrative really fueled my growing interest in Civil War history. And I kept reading. In high school, when I was perfecting my rockabilly chops, my real passion was  reading the history of the war - I kept the Army of the Potomac Trilogy next to my bed. But I wonder...does Catton still captivate young readers as he did years ago? And if not him, then who? Who are the authors that capture the imaginations of young historians today?

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