Office Hours Shorts Episode One: Drum Barracks

DSCN0952I am very pleased to announce the first episode in a series that originated years ago when I answered a couple of questions on video in a crappy bar in Los Feliz. Back then it was just called Office Hours - now I give you...Office Hours Shorts. Think of these shorts as three to four minute versions of a full length docu-video series I am currently working on - to premier this summer. Today we visit Wilmington California, home of Drum Barracks, the US Army headquarters for operations in Southern California and Arizona during and immediately after the Civil War. As you may know, there was plenty of Rebel sympathy here in the southern half of the Golden State and Lincoln wanted some soldiers nearby just in case things got out of hand. The officers quarters and a powder magazine are the only left still standing from the Civil War days - and I have a good look in Episode One. And speaking of of my friends on Twitter has noted that this must be the place where all that piano playing and tearful farewell business went down that Generals Armistead and Handcock talked about in those painfully overwrought scenes in Gettysburg. If you've seen the film you will know what I mean. Whether it really happened or not is another story. At any rate, please have a look at Office Hours Shorts: Drum Barracks.  I hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and by the way...I am working on getting a new platform from which to publish my videos without the annoying ads. But for now, Youtube it is.

With compliments, Keith