Social Media Firebrands Take Heed

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 9.39.25 AMI can't help but wonder what people think they are doing by going on hysterical rants across the various social media platforms. I am not talking about the occasional humorous meme or the not-so-humorous news story that you wish to share with your friends on your own timelines, I am talking about Internet trolls and their endless stream of ideologically motivated shit-smearing on comment threads - especially Facebook. If you think that you are somehow participating in the body politic you are either delusional or just confused. Here's a suggestion (and I speak to all political affiliations here). Instead of ranting from the comfort of your favorite Archie Bunker chair, try to get involved - I mean really involved. If you feel so strongly about your political agenda, volunteer for the candidate who best reflects your personal politics, learn and engage the issues like an adult - with data and reasonable discourse. Because here is what you are otherwise accomplishing: 100% of nothing.

My guess is that you won't do anything beyond anonymously spewing glazed-over fanatical vitriol. Why? Because you probably don't have the cajones or the knowledge to rationally debate someone face to face in a productive way and you really have nothing meaningful to add to the conversation anyway. Yet you still won't SHUT THE FUCK UP,  which means that you are part of the problem. You breed divisiveness and perpetuate ignorance. I think we have had enough of that.

With compliments,