May 4, 1865

Fort Delaware May 4th 1865


Dear Sarah

Your last dated 24th I answered I also wrote you the day before answering it. In one of those letters the first I think I stated that the roll had been called giving all an opportunity to take the oath a large majority at that time consented to do so I stated in my letter that I did not think the propper time had arrived and my answer was no since that time Genl Johnsons army has surrendered and we now have no army on this side of the Misspi River on the 2nd one week from the first call the chance was offered again when out of about twenty two hundred (2200) here one hundred and fifty (150) answered no I have consented and think it is now my duty to come home it is believed that the Trans Missp army has surrendered we now have no possible hope for the success of our cause. All the privates numbering between four & five thousand ans yes. Dear Sarah I have now been from you for three years leaving you to take care of yourself and my dear little ones and I think it my duty at this time to come to you. I have done all for my country that man can do served the cause two years and suffered two years in prison if the chance is offered again I think I will respond it is thought we will be able to leave in the course of ten or twelve days. If you have not disposed of our furniture and can engage a small house do so as there will be too many at your Fathers house. Do not send the box if you have not already done so. I suppose a good many have returned home I spoke of the house on account of Brother he will have to come with me being a cripple. How are my dear little children how I long to see you all and trust it will not be long before the opportunity is offered my love to all home and to all who inquire of me good bye ever your affectionate Husband

Henry A Allen

Division 35

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