May 5, 1865

Fort Delaware May 5th 1865


Dear Sarah

Your letter having date 2nd I have just received in which you state you have received mine of the 25th April I think you are mistaken the last received from you was dated 24th which came to hand on the 28th I had also written to you the day before receiving yours of the 24th. Yesterday feeling quite lonely I wrote you a few lines in which I stated that I expected soon to be at home as I intended taking the oath. I gave the full particulars which I trust you will receive ere this reaches you I cannot say when we will be allowed to go to our homes but hope we will not be left in prison much longer. I was glad to learn all were well at home I am the same. Was Enos killed in battle let me know you spoke of some people saying but little about me as you think I care but little although cannot imagine why they should have hard feeling toward me it may be so with one of them hardly both. I cannot think what keeps your Pa from home I thought he would have been home some time ago when sis you hear from him and where was he at the time. I shall look for the box although it was hardly worth while sending it in my last I mentioned it. Let me know any new arrivals when did you hear from John has George Barns arrived from Richmond Tom Johnson received a letter from ___ yesterday in which he gives a bad account of the affairs there not being able to procure work. I am sorry to hear it I told you in my last if you had not disposed of our furniture to engage a small house as there is too many at your Pa’s remember me to all kiss my little one 

Your affectionate Husband

Henry A Allen


Division 35 not 36

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