August 12, 1864

Fort Delaware August 12th 64


My Dear Wife


Your very kind letter of the 7th came to hand this morning I also received yours bearing date 5th on the 10th this leaves me well and I assure you it gives me much pleasure to know that you and my little ones are enjoying the blessing of health. You mentioned Bower’s name in your last I have written him lately and if he received my letter and has any feelings whatever it will certainly cut him. I made mention of an occurrence that took place in the year 1855 he no doubt will remember tell him I have written. Dear Sarah I expect we are again to change our prion home as we have a rumor here that some of us will leave tomorrow for Charleston SC I am not able to vouch for the truth of the report. In my answer to yours of the 5th I acknowledged the receipt of ten stamps and I told that we were not allowed to write to any but our nearest relatives Parents Wife & Children Brother & Sister we have quite a large mail and is it done no doubt to decrease it as it must consume much time in examining our letters. I also told you to try and arrange it so as to send me something to eat no matter what some of my friends can do it if you cannot. I have not heard from Mary G since the 3rd remember me to Charles G and Gus Porter also to Aunt Hagar try to see Jim Bower and tell him that T J Hudgins has received his letter with amount enclosed also the letter from Miss P and return his thanks. My regards to Jim, my love to all home and all relatives & friends. Kiss my dear little girls for the Pa and accept the best love of your long absent Husband

Henry A. Allen

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