August 18, 1864

Fort Delaware August 18th 1864


My Dear Wife

You last dated 12th has come to hand when I wrote to you a few days back I fully expected to leave this place but now I begin to think we will no go although we have not as yet learned to the contrary I would much rather be told that we are not going than to be kept in the state of suspense. I am quite well and have enjoyed fine health since being at this place I have had much sickness during my prison life but trust I shall be so no more. I received a letter from Mary G. a few days ago she and her family are well and send much love. How are my little darlings tell them I look at them every day and wish I could see them if you have received my two last letters you will see that I wished you to try and have some eatables sent me do not trouble yourself about it until further notice. Dear Sallie when convenient make me a couple prs of drawers as I am much in need of them and if possible two more calico shirts but particularly the former articles. Even if I should be exchanged they will come in the shirts I am not in need of at present and you need not hurry about them. My love to all home and to all relatives & friends kiss my little girls for me good bye and accept the best love of your affectionate husband

Henry A Allen

Do not write yet awhile if we should leave shortly I will drop you a line

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