December 24, 1863

Johnsons Island Sandusky Ohio

Dec 24th 1863

Dear Sarah,

Your favor of the 17th came to hand last evening I was glad to hear from you but quite sorry to hear that you all were in so much trouble but I trust it will not be as bad as you think. it is strange they will not allow you to send me a box of clothing but if Bowers can send me that will be sufficient I have written to Cousin Augustine Moore requesting him to send me some money or clothing if Bowers should send me a pr of shoes tell him to send eights or nines. Tomorrow is Christmas day no doubt you will spend a lonely one. I certainly shall how many more shall come and go and we separated God grant this may be the last. I am suffering with sore throat again and have been for five or six days also with fever having high fever all night. The doctor burnt my throat this morning and I hope soon to be well again. I have not been well many days since I have been a prisinor and fear I shall not be entirely well for a long time sometimes I think my constitution is not as good as when I left home but I shall be a better man when released from prison give my love to your Ma, Joe, Fannie, & Ebby. kiss my little girls for me remember me to all who may inquire of me good bye from your affectionate Husband Henry

do not trouble yourself about the pictures you will need the money

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