December 30, 1863

Johnsons Island

Sandusky Ohio

Dec 30th 1863

Dear Sarah,

Your kind favor of the 24th came to hand on yesterday 29th. I was delighted to again hear from you and all at home. in you letter I found enclosed one envelope & five stamps for which accept my thanks. I wrote to you a few days ago in which I stated that I was quite unwell. I am now nearly recovered again it was the longest spell of sore throat I have ever had I think my throat is slightly affected but I am not certain. in that  letter and I think it was written a day or two after writing to Gus, I stated that I wished you to see Bowers and tell him to send the box if he would, as I thought it was a false rumor as clothing continued to arrive here, so if you did not receive that letter you may now do so. Dear Sallie I know you are all placed in an unenviable position and as regards your having to leave, I do not think it will be as bad for you fear it will. but if your Ma should be turned out and should leave you of course must go with her. I hardly think it advisable to leave too soon would that I was in Richmond I would certainly send for you and my dear children and place you in some place more pleasant than where you are now. I see no possible chance of exchange. When you receive this I shall have been a prisinor six months. how much longer God knows would I be of some help to you all, give my love to your Ma and all home kiss my little girls, remember me to all who may enquire good bye from your affectionate Husband


see Bowers directly

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